The ShiftShapers Podcast

EP #413: The Claims People Play – with Holly Monger

July 18, 2022 David Saltzman
The ShiftShapers Podcast
EP #413: The Claims People Play – with Holly Monger
Show Notes

This week's episode sheds some light on the significance of health insurance literacy as Holly Monger, president of HSM Computing, discusses claim ploys and how she is helping people who need assistance with organizing, tracking, and appealing claims.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:50 Holly’s transition from nursing to health insurance.
  • 4:55 Typical problems brought on by healthcare illiteracy.
  • 8:08 Why has healthcare education improved so little?
  • 13:30 The assistance she provides to those who require assistance with claims.
  • 17:19 Assistance with long-term care claims.
  • 18:56 Why would she choose to be an employee for life?


7:05 “It’s all about terminology and knowing what questions to ask, and that’s the most frustrating for most everyday people — they’ll call up and say, “I don’t understand why am I doing this.” And that person at the facility isn’t explaining it at a level that they can understand. So that’s where I come in and try and help them out.”

11:37 “First, you have to get the people to want to learn about their health insurance. Most of them don’t.”

12:12 “The danger is that insurance carriers want to do it themselves so they don’t have to pay agents. But when this poor person gets it that way and they try and ask questions, they aren’t talking to anybody that makes any sense. They don’t understand that there is nobody educating them.”