The ShiftShapers Podcast

EP #409: Doctors in Unexpected and Innovative Places – with Shad Faraz

June 06, 2022 David Saltzman
The ShiftShapers Podcast
EP #409: Doctors in Unexpected and Innovative Places – with Shad Faraz
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, we discuss what other things physicians are doing outside of traditional medicine. Shad Faraz, a Harvard Business School graduate and co-host of the podcast Physicians Off The Beaten Path, discusses how these new perspectives are helping to bridge the gap in the healthcare system in general.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:50 Shad’s background, as well as his interest in healthcare innovation, policy, and investing.
  • 5:14 What is it like to be a doctor in the 21st century?
  • 9:09 Other things doctors are doing, and how different perspectives can help improve the healthcare system in general.
  • 13:01 The issue with today’s medical curriculum and why Shad believes it should be revamped.
  • 15:13 What is Prescription Digital Therapeutics, why is it important, and what are the barriers?


6:36 “Nowadays, people think about, you know, innovating in the way that they actually deliver care to their patients, or figuring out how big pharma or biotech can be made more sustainable for patients with an eye towards the lower cost of care for patients.”

8:47 “To summarize, almost anything and everything is possible for doctors nowadays, and more and more doctors, I think, are stepping up to the challenge, but there is still an information gap in information asymmetry for some docs, and that’s ultimately why I think your show, my show, and things like that are incredibly beneficial for clinicians.”

11:26 “I think everyone is just blinded by their own incentives and everyone thinks that they’re doing the right thing. They just can’t see the bigger picture, and I think the only way to get beyond that is to just bring all these different people into one room, learn the same language, develop some shared understanding of what’s going on, and move forward.”

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