The ShiftShapers Podcast

EP #398: Learning From The Chief Culture Fairy — with Nikki Fielding

March 14, 2022 David Saltzman
The ShiftShapers Podcast
EP #398: Learning From The Chief Culture Fairy — with Nikki Fielding
Show Notes

This week’s episode is about the importance of creating a good culture within the company. Peter Drucker once said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” And in this episode, Nikki Fielding, chief culture fairy at Conscious Culture Fairy discusses how to spot a bad culture, as well as tools, and ways to bridge the gap.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 2:06 Nikki talks about the heartbeat of a company.
  • 4:36 Employee pulse survey tools to help analyze the gaps in the company.
  • 6:28 When to bring an expert to bridge the gap.
  • 10:06 How to spot a bad culture.
  • 12:59 Employee benefits that also help build the culture of the organization.
  • 15:22 Ways to build a good company culture without breaking the bank.


7:36 “Invest in resources that are already existing today with consultants and experts who could educate you on the steps to do it. From personal experience, having driven some significant cultural changes in various divisions, it starts with servant leadership and leading with empathy and you don’t need everybody in a room because too many opinions can clutter the right thing to do. You want to get everybody’s opinion and empower them to feel their opinions are valid, and they matter and you’re addressing them but the way you address them is leading from the front.”

9:21 “You expose people to each other and let them both build relationships, which are really key in the workplace, and level up their skills and have a better understanding of the various roles in your organization and how they’re interconnected.”

11:41 “Don’t be afraid to take your best practices when maybe looking for a new position into these conversations with your people and do a walk and talk.”

13:28 “If you build relationships where people are comfortable talking to you, they will tell you what the stressors are in their life.”

15:52 “Experiences, that’s what drives and connects people and tends to drive a positive culture, because connected people are working together more effectively, and feel that there’s a bigger purpose behind what they’re doing than just going in and typing on their keyboard all day.”

19:26 “The thought process needs to be what do I not know, that’s important for me to know, and start going down that road.”