The ShiftShapers Podcast

EP #436: Helping The Functionally Uninsured — with Brian Whorley

January 23, 2023 David Saltzman Episode 436
The ShiftShapers Podcast
EP #436: Helping The Functionally Uninsured — with Brian Whorley
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss the issue of people avoiding necessary medical care due to financial constraints, which can lead to worsening health and hospitalization. Paytient, a company founded and led by Brian Whorley, aims to address this issue by offering interest-free credit cards provided by employers or health insurance partners. These cards can be used to pay for healthcare services at various providers and allow individuals to pay for their care over time without incurring interest or fees. The aim of this solution is to reduce the number of people who delay or postpone medical treatment due to financial concerns and make healthcare more affordable for individuals. CEO Brian Whorley believes that this solution can be implemented with various types of health plans.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:
1:29 The problem of unfunded healthcare affects everyone. 

3:16 What events or factors contributed to the issue of high healthcare costs and limited access to care? 

11:31 Paytient credit card: A better way to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs. The resurgence of self-insured plans and how they’re becoming a viable option. 

13:39 What is the broker/advisor conversation with an employer look like? 

15:51 Brian’s view on the future of the industry.

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