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EP #446: Why Transparency Isn't - with Daniel Meylan

April 03, 2023 David Saltzman Episode 446
The ShiftShapers Podcast
EP #446: Why Transparency Isn't - with Daniel Meylan
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Daniel Meylan, Senior VP of broker relations at Payer Compass, shares his insights on the importance of transparency in the insurance industry and why it's often lacking. In spite of the importance of transparency for establishing trust and building strong client relationships, many brokers have difficulties disclosing their revenue sources.

In this interview, Meylan shares his perspectives on how brokers can navigate this challenge, emphasizing the need for completeness, transparency, and ethics. He also touches on the role of data and technology in the future of the industry, and why he's optimistic about the next generation of brokers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

1:47 Daniel Meylan’s background in the broker-dealer world.

4:00 The three classes of the American healthcare system and how transparency will change the system over the next decade.

6:31 How direct primary care and reference-based pricing are promoting transparency in healthcare.

11:10 The challenges of modernizing technology infrastructures in the insurance industry and how aggregating data can eventually lead to transparency in healthcare costs for consumers.

13:36 The consolidated appropriations act and its implications on fiduciary responsibility, class action lawsuits, and broker disclosure.

17:50 Meylan shares his views on the future of the insurance industry.

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